Save Mama from the Blue

Drama, Children's play
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Short play

“Pelastetaan äiti” is a story about a Girl, Mom and a Blue. The Girl has a Bad Mood in her mind and Mom should comfort her, but she can’t, because she is captured by the Blue into a blue picture. The Girl decides to save the Mom. At first she has to find the Blue. The girl ends up in a long adventure to a desert, a blue sea, the blue mountains... Eventually the Blue is found and Mother is being saved. “Pelastetaan äiti” is a fairytale about child’s courage near mother’s depression. The word depression is not mentioned in a play. Set designer Nina Mansikka and actor Anniina Rokka designed magical costumes made of felt cloth. It contains views, characters and adventures. After that writers Markku Hoikkala and Otso Kautto wrote a play for little spectators. The play is acceptable for a viewer over 5 years. Markku Hoikkala and Otso Kautto established a theatre named Quo Vadis in 1985. Quo Vadis presents the play "Pelastetaan Äiti" in a hundred seated yourt. Markku Hoikkala is a playwright, a poet, a cabinetmaker and a builder of the yourt. And Otso Kautto is a theatre director and a writer, who works as well as a regular visiting director in Kansallisteatteri.

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